Seventh Workshop on Scalable Information Processing with Quantum Nano-Photonics (SIPQNP)

The goal of the SIPQNP workshop is to bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers with experience in experimental quantum optics (including bulk optics and detectors), integrated nano-photonics (including silicon, diamond and other platforms), and the theory of quantum information processing. The objective is to provide a highly interactive forum for cross-cutting discussions in order to assess the highest-impact research pursuits in scalable quantum-limited information processing in integrated photonics, both from the standpoint of the feasibility of fabrication of quantum technologies (such as non-classical light sources, linear and non-linear optical processes and modulators, and quantum-noise-limited detectors, etc.), as well as from the standpoint of where the highest-impact applications of on-chip scalable information processing might lie, which may include (but not be limited to) classical and quantum computation, non-standard receivers for optical quantum communication, sensing and imaging, and quantum simulation.

The organizers will put together a workshop proceedings that will be made available to all the attendees.

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February 12 – 14, 2023


In order to preserve the workshop nature of SIPQNP and the highly-interactive moderated discussions—which are the most technically-productive and valuable aspects of this workshop—the program committee would like to limit the workshop attendance to 75 or fewer people. That is also the number of people we can accommodate at the beautiful casitas at the Biosphere 2. Once the program committee approves of an application, you will receive a registration link to pay the registration fee.

The registration fee of $480 will cover lodging (nights of Feb 12 and 13) at the Biosphere and all meals as listed in the agenda. The committee will also organize transportation from and to the Tucson airport.


Application period is now closed.

Please contact Brianna Moreno if you’ve been invited to apply.



Oracle, Arizona, USA

Technical Program Committee:

Sophia Economou

Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia

Zheshen Zhang

Ryan Camacho

Michael Raymer

Matt Eichenfield

Saikat Guha

Local Hosts:

Brianna Moreno (please contact for logistical questions)

Saikat Guha (please contact for technical questions)

Co-Sponsored By:

NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC), Center for Quantum Networks,

University of Arizona