SECOND Workshop on Scalable Information Processing with Quantum Nano-Photonics (SIPQNP)

The goal of the SIPQNP workshop is to bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers with experience in quantum optics (including bulk optics and detectors), integrated nano-photonics (including silicon, diamond and other platforms), and the theory of quantum information processing. The objective is to provide a highly interactive forum to assess the highest-impact research pursuits in scalable quantum-limited information processing on integrated photonic chips, both from the standpoint of the feasibility of fabrication of quantum technologies (such as non-classical light sources, linear and non-linear optical processes and modulators, and quantum-noise-limited detectors), as well as from the standpoint of where the high-impact applications of on-chip scalable information processing might lie, which may include (but not be limited to) classical and quantum computation, non-standard receivers for optical quantum communication, sensing and imaging, and quantum simulation.

This is the second in the series of this annual two-day workshop. Attendance this year will remain by invitation only, and will comprise attendees from the academia, national laboratories, industry and the government.

The workshop will follow a format similar to one followed in 2014, but with some changes:

1. The talks will be shorter (20 minutes including Q&A), and we encourage the speakers to focus on one (or at most two) technical concepts or devices of interest.

2. We have combined the two nano-photonics focus sessions into one. We will have three technical focus sessions this year: (1) theory of quantum information processing, (2) bulk quantum processes and detectors, and (3) integrated photonics. Each of the three focus sessions will have a series of short talks and will conclude with a highly interactive one-hour moderated discussion aimed at discussing and debating the important issues and challenges in the respective technical areas. These moderated sessions will be led by one person, who will solicit inputs from the entire audience–particularly researchers with expertise in the other technical areas.

3. This year we are introducing a new focus session, which will have  30-minute-long moderated discussions on four “hot topics”: (1) non-linear quantum optics, (2) scalable linear-optical quantum computing, (3) quantum repeater networks, and (4) optical-microwave inter-conversion.

The organizers will put together a workshop proceedings that will be made available to all the attendees.


March 12-13, 2015



Raytheon BBN Technologies
77 Fawcett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Directions: Raytheon BBN Technologies


Organizing Committee

Saikat Guha, Raytheon BBN Technologies

Richard Lazarus, Raytheon BBN Technologies

Jonathan L. Habif, Raytheon BBN Technologies

Zachary Dutton, Raytheon BBN Technologies

Thomas Ohki, Raytheon BBN Technologies


Best Western Plus Hotel Tria
220 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02138

Call 617-491-8000 or 866-333-Tria
Ask for the “BBN SIPQNP” room block and rate


Sponsored by

Raytheon BBN Technologies